Probiotic Cheat Sheet: What are these names and which kind should I take?

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Taking Probiotics can be greatly beneficial but also confusing on what the types are and what they do. Here is a little cheat sheet:
Bacillus subtillis – eats up harmful bacteria
Lactobacillis helveticus – controls yeast, balances microflora, improves sleep, reduces blood pressure and may prevent bone loss.
Sacharomyces Boullardii – benign, beneficial yeast that controls the growth of harmful yeast
Lactobacillus acidophilus – aids the digestion of lactose, controls yeast
Lactobacillus rhamnosus- reduces growth of harmful pathogens
Lactobacillus Planetarum -promotes healthy liver function, reduces inflammation, aids digestion
Lactococcus lactis – treats candida
Bifidobacterium – prevents release of histamine-triggering ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome. Supports GI and overall bowel function. Prevents or reduces pathogenic organisms.