We Moved: Grand Re-Opening Special

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During Our Grand Opening Celebration, We’re Giving Away FREE Gifts
To You And Your Friends!

Hi, it’s Dr. Casey Moore, from Moore Chiropractic: A Family Wellness Center.

We moved and our first day at the new location was Monday, February 24!

Our new location is in the Southdale Office Center, 6600 France Ave. S., suite 206, in Edina. It’s across the street from Southdale Shopping Center, at the corner of 66th Street.

But here’s the thing: Our new building has over 1,000 tenants in it and, frankly, we might get overwhelmed with office visits from all those office workers …

So, I’m writing to give you an early-bird notice that right now is the perfect time to refer your friends and family to Moore Chiropractic — because I want to reserve room in my schedule to talk to the people you care about, before my practice fills up with new patients.

Plus, I want to reward you! And the people you refer. Keep reading to learn how …

As you know, we help busy moms and their children, dads, singles, and others enjoy pain- free living, without prescription drugs. A good person to send to us is anyone who has:

  • Headaches
  • Hand and Wrist Pain
  • Numbness or Tingling
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Work/Sports Injuries
  • Car Accident Injuries
  • StressIt’s a fact: Pain in your body may be an important warning signal of something that will get worse if ignored. On the other hand, many causes of pain – even if that pain has been going on for years – can be eliminated with chiropractic care in a short time. That’s why I’m offering …

    A Helpful FREE Service For Your Friends and Family — And Rewards For You!

    Now, for a limited time, we’re giving away more than $150 worth of wellness services and information to your referrals – and Free Gifts to you. But only if you hurry …


Grand Opening Referral Special

Because you’re an existing patient, anyone you refer to us is entitled to a Free “Friends and Family” Visit with the following professional services – at no cost:

1) Private consultation with Dr. Casey Moore to discuss their health concerns
2) Comprehensive examination of their posture, range of motion, and 5 other areas 3) Computer imaging to measure nerve and muscle functions (not an X-ray)
4) Written report of exam results (to answer their questions and give them the facts)

That’s more than $150 worth of wellness services and information, FREE.

What’s in it for you? For every referral who becomes a patient, you get a $50 Target Gift Card, PLUS your name will be entered in a drawing to WIN a Kindle Fire HD (retail value: $250).

We really might fill up after we move to our new building, so I want to give top priority to your referrals. You can feel good about sending your friends and family to us, because they’ll get over $150 worth of FREE services and information, courtesy of you.

And we’ll reward you with a FREE $50 Target Gift Card and a chance to win an Kindle Fire HD worth $250! It’s good for your referrals, it’s good for you, and it’s good for our practice.

Just tell your friends or family to call my office, mention your name, and ask about our Free “Friends and Family” Visit. We’ll take it from there — and we’ll take extra good care of the person you refer to us! The number for them to call is (952) 926-7515.

Hurry! Our Grand Opening Referral Special ends Friday, March 21, 2014


Dr. Casey Moore

P.S. – Just tell your friends and family to call my office and ask about our Free “Friends and Family” Visit. They’ll get more than $150 in FREE wellness services and information.

For every referral who becomes a patient, you get a Free $50 Target Gift Card … plus the chance to win a Kindle Fire HD — the more referrals you make, the more chances you get.

Please tell your friends and family to call today and mention your name. We’ll take it from there! The number to call is (952) 926-7515 and the deadline is Friday, March 21, 2014. 

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