The Mattress Dilema

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One of the most frequent questions I get in a week is about mattresses and what is best. The honest answer is there is no perfect mattress. But I have brought in a guest blog post this week from This site is a great source for all things mattresses and this is an excellent […]

Probiotic Cheat Sheet: What are these names and which kind should I take?

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Taking Probiotics can be greatly beneficial but also confusing on what the types are and what they do. Here is a little cheat sheet:   Bacillus subtillis – eats up harmful bacteria Lactobacillis helveticus – controls yeast, balances microflora, improves sleep, reduces blood pressure and may prevent bone loss. Sacharomyces Boullardii – benign, beneficial yeast […]

Holiday Toy Drive

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Help make a kid smile this Holiday Season and Receive the gift of health for yourself or someone you care about! For any toy donated we will offer you and your Family a full New Patient Consultation and Exam at NO CHARGE (value $120)

Children and Chiropractic

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Children and Chiropractic – Should my child see a chiropractor? The inevitable conclusion many of our patients come to after beginning chiropractic care is that they wish they would have started with chiropractic sooner. They often ask: “Why didn’t someone tell me about this when I was younger?  How soon should I have begun seeing […]