Colic, Ear Infections and Chiropractic

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578214_10151475006900528_1695316033_nColic and ear infections are COMMON but NOT NORMAL afflictions among infants and children and both have perplexed the medical community. But not the Chiropractic Community.

Colic, which is described as a infant with uncontrollable, extended crying over three hours a day and at least three days a week, in particular has left both mothers and M.D.s pulling out their hair to find a solution. Colic affects upwards of 20% of all infants. In the video clip below mothers admit being turned away from their family physician with no answers other than ‘wait it out.’

Ear infections have been even more common with 60 to 80 percent of infants having at least one episode by their first birthday, and 80 to 90 percent of all children have an ear infection by two to three years of age. Unlike colic ear infections do have treatment plans such as antibiotics and ear tube surgeries but as you will hear from a M.D. in the article below these treatments have a very high failure rate.

What if I told you there is a treatment out there that has shown success with both colic and ear infections without drugs, surgeries, shots or vaccines?

Chiropractic is just that treatment. Our chiropractic patients with colic and ear infections have shown great results, improving at a much faster rate than any of the above treatments naturally. By realigning the spine and thus freeing up the nervous system we set your infant/child’s body to heal itself. The bodies immune system is then able function at max capacity to fight off the ear infections and ease the stress of a colicky baby.

For those mothers nervous about the adjusting of their babies spine we use a low force adjusting technique called the activator. This technique involves no twisting or turning but still achieves the same affect as manual adjusting using speed rather than force. But both treatment styles are safer than any drugs or surgeries.

Whether you have child with colic, ear infections or just want a well adjusted child come in for a NO CHARGE consultation to learn more about us.

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