Children and Chiropractic

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Children and Chiropractic – Should my child see a chiropractor?

The inevitable conclusion many of our patients come to after beginning chiropractic care is that they wish they would have started with chiropractic sooner. They often ask: “Why didn’t someone tell me about this when I was younger?  How soon should I have begun seeing a chiropractor?”

The answer to that is the sooner the better. A problem is always easier, quicker and cheaper to fix when it is caught early. The birthing process can be one of the greatest traumas to the spine a person will endure. Depending on the complexity of the delivery the newborns head and neck can be twisted and pulled with a great deal of force. This can cause misalignments and subluxations of a still fragile infant spine which may lead to a variety of neurologic or muscular issues. Then as the child begins to grow and move they have accidents and falls, they begin playing sports like football and hockey and they are resilient enough to deal with certain aches and pains that may develop into bigger problems in the future.  At the very least every newborn/child/teenager should be checked by a chiropractor to ensure a properly functioning nervous system and a properly aligned spine.

So, when you take your next visit to Moore Chiropractic bring a child you care about with you for a NO CHARGE spinal screening so they don’t develop the same aches and pains that you had when you came to the clinic.

For more information check out this video:

Children and Chiropractic

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